A Few Words From Our Satisfied Customers...

Mr A. Griffiths "My flat was a real state after my move: boxes everywhere, bags of rubbish - the lot. Sam's Flat Cleaning London had it all whisked away in a matter of hours. Highly recommended service at a reasonable price."

Mrs J. Orron "My move was hectic enough without having to worry about cleaning the place. Fortunately for me, Sam's Flat Cleaning London were able to take care of everything - from the dust on my telly to the muddy carpet at the front door. I’d recommend them to anyone."

Mr A. Timmins "I’d spent a year in my flat and hadn’t really thought about cleaning. I was great at tidying, but it needed a ‘real’ clean. I couldn’t believe what a great job Sam's Flat Cleaning London did. Who knew my carpets were actually white?"

Mrs V. Connington "I had to get my flat looking ship-shape in just 48 hours when I moved, and Sam's Flat Cleaning London did an amazing job and really saved my bacon! The move was successful and I’m now recommending them to all of my friends."

Mr R. Adamson "When I’d finished my spring cleaning I realised my flat was almost wall-to-wall bin bags. I’d never have fit them all in my car, so thank goodness for Sam's Flat Cleaning London. They came and carted them all away, and did it for a great price too!"

Ms J. Murphy "My carpets were so grubby I thought they’d never look clean again. After just a few hours in my flat, Sam's Flat Cleaning London had them looking better than they did when I moved in. I was quite amazed and can’t stop singing their praises!"